#Consistency as per the Quote by Joel Filliol



I came across a quote and I think it is probably one of those that will stick with me. This was tweeted by Joel Filliol, who is one of the best coaches in the world.


The quote is this. 


“Champions differentiate in training by consistent quality under high chronic load not extraordinary single session performances #consistency


I am not a champion, so I’d like to dissect this slightly and apply it to everyone.  


“People who achieve their goals differentiate in training by consistent quality under high chronic load not extraordinary single session performance. ”


What does this mean? 

To me: It means that in order to achieve our dreams, our goals, we must repeat a routine of pushing ourselves to the point of uncomfortable. We cannot not rely on the single training day where things fall into place. I am not suggesting that those “great” days are not important. They are! They can give us the mental boost we need by glimpsing a light at the end of the tunnel. But we cannot allow ourselves to fall into the trap and think, that by doing it once…we have reached our goal. 

So here are a few things to consider. 

  • Is your goal clear to you? Saying you want to run faster or longer is great, but how much faster? Seconds? Minutes? You need to be able to clearly say what you are chasing.
  • Do you have a path and plan to reach your goal? Does your training reflect progress towards the goal with routine, specific objectives and clear milestones?
  • #Consistency – meaning, are you willing to commit to the path? This can be hard because week after week with marginal or minimal gains can break you down if you are not committed.

Most important;

  • Do you believe in yourself? You will only achieve what you believe you are capable of. You can tell everyone one thing, but deep down you cannot lie to yourself.



Run For Yourself!



Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Series


I started writing my race report for the event in Frontenac, when I realised that I was probably not going to say much different then I did last year. So I decided that maybe I’d write a quick report on the entire series.



If you love to run, you need to try Snowshoe running. It’s unlike anything you have ever tried, but three times as fun. It is hard work, but you are always in control of the amount of effort you put into it. Being able to run on trails that would be (otherwise) inaccessible is an amazing feeling. Whether you are running through an open field or a snow lined canopy within a bush, winter running does not get any better than this. I should also add that if you are after a cardio workout, you get all the benefits of working your hardest interval session without the pounding of running on pavement.



The series is sponsored by Dion Snowshoes, directed by Spafford Health and Adventure and hosted by different people who have fallen in love with the sport. You will see the hosts ( and the directors ) pulling on shoes at some of these events.


When and Where?

Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series – Race Dates:

· Saturday, January 11, 2014: Summerstown Forest Snowshoe Race – Cornwall, ON
· Sunday, January 19, 2014: Frontenac Snowshoe Race – Frontenac Provincial Park, Sydenham, ON
· Saturday, January 25, 2014: Brighton Winterfest Snowshoe Race – Brighton, On
· Saturday, February 8, 2014: Westbrook Snowshoe Race – Westbrook, ON
· Sunday, February 16, 2014: Frozen Ass Snowshoe Race – Batawa Ski Hill, Batawa, ON
· Sunday, February 23, 2014: Switzerville Red Barn Snowshoe Race – Napanee, ON

* February 28 – March 2, 2014: Dion US Snowshoe Running Championships – Bennington, Vermont, USA (Open to International/Canadian racers too. Note: Not part of Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series).




What is the atmosphere like?

Picture yourself arriving at a friends house for a day of skating. It’s light, jovial and fun. In fact, you may not even recognize that this is a race at first. Once the start comes, it becomes purely about business for some but good fun for all. On the trail, there is a good chance you will be encouraged at least 10 times by someone. After the race, it returns to the light and fun atmosphere. During the awards, it is normal to hear jokes being cracked and laughing as people drink their coffee and eat their post race meal.


I don’t have a pair of snowshoes!?

There are some limited pairs you can borrow from Derrick, but you need to contact him early to make sure a pair is reserved. And no…they are not the same type of shoes your parents may have used to trek through the bush.  




What’s my favorite part?

I have to say, post race is my favorite. Sitting around and chatting with people while the awards and draw prizes are handed out. There is never a shortage of draw prizes and they range from books, fleece socks or other useful gear that runners can never be short of.


How do I find out more?

Check the website out, drop me a line or contact Derrick or Sara directly!