How do you define yourself?

Here’s a question;
Do you define yourself by your past or by your future? It’s an important question, because what you choose will predict the outcome to many parts of your life, including your training.

And make no mistake, it is a choice entirely.

Many of you know the story where I was told by a high school gym teacher in grade 9, that I couldn’t run. There was one other guy in the high-school that ran cross-country and I wanted to run with him. When I asked, I was told that I wasn’t a runner and I would never keep up . Being a young teenager, I accepted this because this was a teacher saying this. He must be right.

This simply added another block onto my low self-esteem and insecurity. It came as no surprise to me at the time, because I believed I wasn’t good at much. This started a long period where I defined myself by that comment and convinced myself I couldn’t run.

I never even tried.

Fast forward, 22 year, for some strange reason I decided that I would start running. This definition of who I was from my past was still lingering in my mind, but I no longer cared. And run I did, and with each run, I realized that my definition of myself was from a previous time and had no place in my life anymore. I began creating a new interpretation of who I am, based on who I wanted to be.

To me, I no longer look at my training as a limiter. I look at it as an opportunity to grow and become someone better with each stroke, pedal or stride. There are no perfect days in training. But each day is a good day to learn more about who I will become based on things yet to come. It keeps me stretching.

My message is this, let go of your past and who you are. Run with passion and the life you are living now.