184 days until Ironman Lake Placid–Introspective

Wow, where is time going? I can hardly believe that it’s coming so quickly.

As time marches on, I find myself aligning and focussing more on my target event. Physically training is happening almost daily and mentally it appears I am becoming aligned as well. I bounce between being excited, nervous and scared. Doubts will sometimes creep into my head..can I make it? Will my body and mind hold up? The answer of course is Yes…(I refuse to consider anything else ), but I also wonder what other athletes feel.

You basically give up normal life. Everything becomes focussed on the race. Saturday morning, I roll out of bed at 5:30am on a –20 day because I need to. Sunday morning likewise. All of this, at a cost. Training, wherever it is, becomes part of a routine that I must follow as opposed to “nice to do”. There is no time for beer, late nights and fast foods.


I am not sure yet what drives me. Why it is driving me. At my current level of fitness I could easily keep doing the Olympic Tri’s in the area and compete at a fairly strong level. Yet I choose to alter my path for this.

When most people are in bed, I find myself piling layers of clothes on to ensure my parts all remain intact for my July race as I head outside for a run.

This path I am on promises to reveal a lot about me over the next 26 weeks. I am eager for it.

As I head into mid life, I think there is much to be learned.

198 Days Until Lake Placid IronMan 2011

Where do I go with this? Right now, I am in prep period and therefore should be relaxing. The trouble is I am still trying to gear up so I can rip it up. I find it funny, because mentally..pulling back is probably harder then actually training.

My coach and I started talking last night and he expects our plan to start the week of January 17th. My training partners are also gearing up, although I wonder how much we will be able to align the schedules.

Richmond Road race is next weekend, 10K. Who knows what the weather will be like, last year we had dry roads but very cold. The year before that snowy crappy roads but warmer. I had originally pictured breaking 40, but now I think I will be okay with anything around 45. Bigger picture is in play for sure.

Scary how fast it is coming.