57 Days until Ironman Lake Placid – Training Report

Well, after yesterday I started the day a little slow. Sure, I felt great about it…but certainly I was tired and a few aches and pains reminded me that I had certainly built on my previous level. My ankle is swollen..and bruised and I expect slightly sprained. I am wearing my brace again…no sense in testing the devil.

The plan today was 75K ride – 10K run and 75K ride. I am assuming the purpose for this is somewhere between shocking the body and fatiguing it to the approx. levels of Ironman in July. 6hrs + 37 minutes yesterday with the addition of 6hrs today puts the time in. The body does not know the difference between the day, just slightly rested.

The ride started good, and I knew I was overdressed fairly quickly. I crossed through Merrickville and headed to Kemptville through Burrits Rapids. The wind was slightly at my back and I was cruising along fairly well. Main focus today was nutrition.

I averaged about 30K/hr there, not quite as much snap in the legs as yesterday.

I started feeling a slight twinge/ache behind my knee. It manifested itself from ache, to hurt to pain by about 50K. Not good. Now I have a slight sprain on my left ankle and some locked muscles behind my right knee.

I arrived home completing the first 75K in 2 hrs 33 minutes. Not too bad, but when I got off my bike it became apparent that my knee was not going to cooperate. I did try to run but the ankle and knee are not happy. I decided to shut the day down from there.

So, I went from 18 hours to 11hrs 42 minutes in training this week..just like that.  I am puzzled..because it felt so good yesterday.

I do have a little bit of anxiety. What will the impact be on Ironman be because of this? Am I within the window where this will put me down?  My goal is to not only complete Ironman, but do it well. No Kona this year mind you, but certainly something under 12 hours.

We’ll see. The new plan comes out this week from Richard and I’ll see what June brings.

Rating 1 ( horrible ) – 5 (Excellent)

Feeling – 3

Fatigue – 3

Effort – 3

Physical – 2

58 Days Until IronMan Lake Placid – Training Report 05/28/11

Today’s workout brought to you courtesy of http://www.tricoach.info/

It’s been a crappy spring, and the weather just is not getting better. Over the last month we’ve been bringing my rides up in intensity and distance. The weather, well, wet and cold.

So of course when I set out today to complete the biggest single workout I have ever done, the weather was consistent. 180K bike through a rolling terrain followed up by a 10K run. My poor bike is going to need a total overhaul once this season is over.

Anyway, the route I chose can be viewed here  but had me leaving Jasper, heading to Smiths Falls, Perth, Wesport, Crosby, Delta, Athens, Greenbush, New Dublin, North Augusta, Merrickville and then onwards home. Those of you that know the Perth to Westport route, will recognize that it qualifies as “rolly”

Overall, I felt great, maintained a good consistent speed and came off the bike with some legs that still worked. ( I’ll get to that in a moment). The last 10K had me riding into a headwind, but it was the last portion of the ride so I just tried to keep that in mind. Total time was 6 hrs and 6 minutes. Total distance was 183K. It was a great training ride not only for the legs, but to practice nutrition. In total I took in about 2200 calories which included 5 bottles of sport drink and 2 smaller bottles of water.

When I got off my bike, I was looking for an excuse to not run. The reality is though, I felt good. My legs, although a little tired, still had juice left in them. The plan called for me to run 10K @ about a 5:00 min pace,\ which would be equivalent to the run at Timberman. The pace is actually must slower then I run now, but I figured it was representative of what I could expect. Not so.

I had no issues finding a good pace and was running a consistent 4:30-4:40 with a HR of about 164. I think, I could have gone faster but because of tomorrow’s workout, I pulled back slightly. The one challenge I had on the run was rolling my ankle at about 2.2K. My damn ankles.

I got myself rolling again but cut the run short at 8K…having a little tenderness in the ankle.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my effort today and the return. Totals training hours logged this week so far is 10.5, with another longer ride and run tomorrow.

Rating 1 ( horrible ) – 5 (Excellent)

Feeling – 4

Fatigue – 3

Effort – 4

Physical – 3