Interesting chapter in my nutrition book recently on motivation. The paragraph dealt with the comment “I’m not motivated” this week to eat properly. But it can easily cover other areas such as running, riding, swimming and so on.

The challenge that PN threw out, was that motivation should not be a consideration if we have truly made something a lifestyle. It suggests that if we require an outside motivator, it is a dangerous process, that is doomed to eventual failure. Eventually, we run out of motivators because they will be required to get bigger each time.

Everything we do, has to be because we choose to live this way and a part of who we are. No different than having a shower, brushing our teeth or combing our hair. They all become part of our routine. All of those are optional, but many of us shudder to think about not doing them.

I truly believe, there is a water level for everyone that makes sense. For some, they may be 90% fitness oriented and 10% training. For others like myself, I am 90% training and 10% fitness. In the end, there is no right or wrong as each of us are different and each can change. In 2 years, I may have switched entirely.

The key is, we should do (or not do things) because we choose and not because we require a motivator. I may skip a shower because I felt really lazy but that is a choice not a lack of a motivator. I may go for a run, even though I am tired because that is my choice as a lifestyle. The term motivator can be a scapegoat for something else. Figure that out, and you will find a much more balanced approach in your life with less stress.

Training is supposed to be about physical stress, but it should not add to the life stress. If it does…go back to the start, reset and go forward with a clean slate. Remember, this is your story..write it your way!

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