All you think you know….


It’s always funny how things appear out of no where and can have a sudden impact on you.

Day after day, we’re bombarded with causes and crusades. Some we know, some we don’t , but always for the things that we deem important. There is nothing wrong with that, that’s how life goes and each penny we donate or minute we volunteer goes to a good cause. Hell, you’ve all seen me post about i2P, an organization that I am passionate about because I believe in the Youth of today.

But something funny happened last week. I was scrolling through my newsfeed and I saw my ultra running friend Andrew Titus post something about his friend Brad Firth. ( AKA Caribou Legs ). Now, Andrew is pretty cool guy and I really enjoy chatting with him and following along with his adventures from afar. ( He lives in New Brunswick ). So, when he mentioned this “ Brad Firth “ guy running across Canada, I figured I’d tune in a little bit and see what it was all about.

This is where it it became not just an average feed.

Brad you see, is part of the first nations people. He’s not just running across Canada..he’s running across Canada to gain awareness around the missing and murdered indigenous women. He’s not just a runner that started late, he’s a former addict that completely changed his life.

Why is this different you may ask ? I have been thinking about this long and hard for a few days. Why was this sticking to me? Why…?

On my run today, it came to me.

  • There are no 24 hour walks or local races raising funds for this cause.
  • There continues to be sparse media coverage.
  • Despite calls for inquiries , the government is silent and the public chooses to look away. : July 17th – CTV News – “Ottawa has announced an official inquiry, but the preliminary negotiations between the federal government and the provinces have faced repeated delays. Two provinces have yet to approve the terms that will determine the probe’s focus and scope. First nations chiefs expressed growing frustration at their annual general assembly last week.”
  • There is no rally to circle this by Canadians
  • There are no Facebook rants about this.
  • There is at best, the odd one time – online statement,  about needing to do better.

So why is Brad different? Because despite all of this…and knowing that he may never become a household name….he continues. His hope, is that someone will listen..and maybe more will step up and help make a difference.

My hope, is that more of us stand up too. I’m a typical middle age, middle income father who doesn’t have a clue about some of these issues. I’ll admit that right now, but I am willing to listen and learn.

Here are a few other links about Brad and his past..and journey.

News Link from July

Brads Story




2 thoughts on “All you think you know….

  1. Sara M September 26, 2016 / 10:10 am

    Good post, Corey. Thanks for the links, I will check them out.

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