Time Flies! General babbling and a couple of race reports

Here we are back in January and we finally have snow.

Winter in Eastern Ontario is quite late this year but the last two weeks have seen the snow come, which means winter training is back full on!

Update: I set my 2012 schedule on January 1st, however since then have made two adjustments. The addition of the National Harbor 70.3 Triathlon in Maryland in August and a snowshoe race on January 21st.


Richard and I have not put together a clear schedule yet, but it goes without saying right now that things start to fall a little more into order. I’ve started climbing out of my bed to hit the early morning workouts. With the kids schedule getting busier, it’s the only way to secure my training without impacting their activities.

On the Swim side, I am splitting my time with the Brockville Masters group and the Perth Masters group. This works pretty well, because the workouts are very different. A typical week will see 3 workouts a week about an hour a piece, usually somewhere around 2-2.5K per session. I know I will need to increase this if I want to even have a shot at Vegas. My swim feels like it has stabilized and I am really trying to work technique and efficiency.

From a Spin perspective, I am looking at a couple of different things. Richard has been feeding me workouts based on wattage recently and I really enjoy it. For a trainer, I use The Road Machine Kinetic by Kurt and also the wireless bike computer by the same group. I have used a few different trainers and I find this one delivers the most consistent resistance and workout. The other thing I found, was a wonderful little program that I highly recommend to everyone! Turbo Crank is a great program that you run on your computer and delivers and excellent series of workouts. The cost is only $20.00 CDN and is available via digital download. The workouts can be ran individually or following the 7 week – 3 workouts per week session. Check it out if you want an alternative to lugging your trainer and bike all over the place.

To wrap this whole thing up, is running. I spoke in another blog about my urge to just run. Well it has not gone away and I am still very close to taking 2013 off of Triathlon and just focussing on running. I really want to do ultra-marathons and see what these little toothpick legs can give me. Two years ago, I ran the Ultramarathon in Haliburton and loved it. (I ran in the 50K and completed the run in 6Hrs 19 minutes.) This run was unlike anything I had ever done before, up and down hills on trails that barely existed but the challenge was great. At one point I remember being utterly alone in the bush and I felt so alive and so excited i had to take a picture.                                                                                   Haliburton Ultra SEpt 2010Anyway, my running is feeling good right now and is about where I would want it for this time of year. This year, I am going to be looking for the run to really close the deal on my races, so a little more focus and sharpening of the blade will be required.



Recent Races

January 15th – I did the Richmond Road race again this year and continued to bring my 10K time down. This year I completed the 10K in 40 mins 51 secs. Conditions, as always, were typically unpredictable for this race. Hmm…if it’s typical..how can it be unpredictable? Better said…You never know what you will get. This year the roads were dry, but it was cold!! I believe we were racing in – 24 celsius air. Too fun!RRR

January 21st – For the first time ever, I did a snowshoe race in Frontenac Park. It was so much fun and is something I am going to look into. The 6.75K course had us run through trails that were stunning and the workout it delivered was amazing. My average heart rate 170 but the pace was averaged out to 5:33. If you have done one of these before, try it out. Thanks to Derrick Spafford for putting it together for us.


Okay, babbling done.

See you soon!

Over and Out;


What does 2012 mean to me?

I have purposely held off posting until today. I wanted some time to think about where I am, and what I really want to do.

My coach had me sit down and actually work through some of Short term, Medium term and Long term goals. It’s funny, because when you start lining them up and putting them down on paper…you begin you get a real picture of what you are shooting for and whether or not how you are currently training and racing will get you there. I also found it interesting that all of my Longer Term Goals…Kona excluded…have nothing to do with racing.

I love Triathlon, but my gut has been yelling at me to go back to my roots which is running. For some strange reason, I am craving my distance runs. In 2011, I did not do a marathon and I think in many ways, this is why I am craving it. Yes, I guess technically, if you include Ironman Lake Placid…I did one. Buuuuutttt I do not count it because Ironman is something entirely different. As I look at this year, it’s almost entirely split between Multisport and Running. No coincidence.


What else am I shooting for?

Nutrition and Diet. I eat pretty healthy (I think) and I am more or less aware of what I eat. But I also admit I do not fully understand the various nutritional facts and impacts on my body. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with very high cholesterol which I can attribute partly to my diet ( back then ) and also genetics. Heart Disease runs rampant in my family but I am the first generation who can actually do something about it. Obviously, I exercise, so the next step is truly understand the nutritional impact of what I eat and how it interacts with my body. I would also like to eat foods that compliment my training and competition in a much more natural way.

Family of course. I love my family.

I love being a father and I love being a husband. I also love being an active athlete and there are trade offs. Whether I am running, cycling or swimming, my thoughts always come back to my wife and kids. Call it guilt I guess.

The challenge is finding the correct balance and I think this is something most of us struggle with. I also think that as long as we continue to struggle…we still have priorities straight. If we stop thinking about it and just assume things are fine…that is a red flag. Without a doubt, I would give it all up if I thought for a moment my family was suffering.

So, here I am wrapping this post up in January 1st 2012. What does 2012 mean to me, where am I and where do I want to be?

The answer is simple…2012 to me is about opportunity.

Where do I want to be? Right here, right now…and continuing my journey.

No mystical wisdom for me…just simple truth.

Bring on 2012!

Over and out.