Infinit Review


I’m in the middle a ramp up for Ironman Lake Placid and constantly in search of nutrition that is both easy and convenient. I don’t want to be be drinking a paste, but the thought of having to take 2 gels an hour plus sport drink doesn’t sit well either. So when I started doing some research, Infinit started popping up. Even more interesting was the customizable blends that are offered. ( hmmm… single eyebrow raise )

Around the same time, I was scanning twitter and noticed they were offering a spontaneous giveaway. A nutritional consult with a free sample. I responded and what do you know! I won! ( High 5 to myself in the mirror )

They contacted me quickly and we set up our call. The consult was simple and well within my level of understanding. I did not need a PhD to understand what he was saying, and the fact Darcy ( owner ) was a Triathlete himself made the discussion that much easier. He understood my tri-geek chatter and translated that into a blend I could call my own. ( Corey’s IM blend – best name ever )


Those that have read some of my other reviews know I try not to get into too much technical detail. Myself, I am interested in “ does it work?” first and foremost.



I wanted something that was light tasting and not leaving my mouth pasted up.

I wanted something to cover my nutritional needs without having to pack hundreds of gels or bars.

I wanted something to manage my electrolyte intake.


The blend we created was supposed to do this entirely. ( arms crossed in  skeptical fold )

Does it work?

At this point I can say, very confidently, “Yes”  I’ve been using it for almost 2 months and I it.

I take the recommended dose, 2 scoops = 270 calories per hour. I’ve used for all of my long rides and workouts ( anything over 2 – 6.5 hours) each week and the result is always the same. Smooth and consistent energy. 

  • No sloshy stomach
  • No energy spikes.
  • No gummed up mouth
  • No feeling thirsty despite drinking a bottle an hour
  • Light flavour and not overwhelmingly fake
  • Mixes well and fast, you’re not getting gritty pieces of sugar in your mouth

How I manage it

For long rides, I carry two full bottles and fill zip lock bags to equal the number of hours I’m riding. I stop at stores, grab water and mix a new bottles as needed. Simple and fast. My Garmin is set for 10 minute alerts, and I sip each time the alarm goes off.

As for the racing, I was trying to figure it out. What do you know….right on time…as if they heard me…this neat little article appears with some great ideas. ( get out of my MIND!!! )

Whats next?

Well first off, I am building a tin foil hat!

I love this stuff, and I am really looking forward to trying it in action during a race ( not just training ) . I’ll be using it exclusively for Tremblant 70.3 in June and if things go well, definitely for Placid in July

If you have not checked it out…please do. You will not regret it.

Cheers! Corey