Small Town Changes–Vickie’s

We are a small town and it does not take much to feel the ripples when something changes or happens. Be it a factory shutting down, losing someone or a business closing up.

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten to know many business owners who have supported my various charity activities with little to no hesitation. We’re fortunate that we have these small business’s in town because they are ones who give the most. Be it Sport X, Zen Dragon, Smiths shoes, Wills Transfer, Town and Country, Rideau Winery, Century 21, Smiths Equipment, Chuckles Jack…..or Vickie’s.

This week, we’re losing Vickie’s and although I would never fault someone for following their passion and dreams, it is sad.  Selfishly, I could say I am losing a supporter but it is more. Vickie’s was a stable business for many people in this town. The type of clothing that was sold pretty much excluded me from shopping there, however it never stopped Vickie from supporting me. It also never stopped her from supporting many, many other people and clubs. Some we know about, more I am sure we don’t. Whether it was her fitness challenges, her donations or her volunteering she was always around.  Even to the end, she tried very hard at her own expense ( while going to school ) to find a suitable owner who would continue what she started. I don’t know all the details, but sadly it appears after many false starts…it was not in the cards.

So, here we are. I am happy for one person to be able to follow their dreams but I am sad that our community loses such an important of it.

Thank you Vickie for your help and support over the years. Good luck! VickiesYou deserve it.







PS – I know I have missed business’s …I am sorry if your name is not on here.