Infinit Review


I’m in the middle a ramp up for Ironman Lake Placid and constantly in search of nutrition that is both easy and convenient. I don’t want to be be drinking a paste, but the thought of having to take 2 gels an hour plus sport drink doesn’t sit well either. So when I started doing some research, Infinit started popping up. Even more interesting was the customizable blends that are offered. ( hmmm… single eyebrow raise )

Around the same time, I was scanning twitter and noticed they were offering a spontaneous giveaway. A nutritional consult with a free sample. I responded and what do you know! I won! ( High 5 to myself in the mirror )

They contacted me quickly and we set up our call. The consult was simple and well within my level of understanding. I did not need a PhD to understand what he was saying, and the fact Darcy ( owner ) was a Triathlete himself made the discussion that much easier. He understood my tri-geek chatter and translated that into a blend I could call my own. ( Corey’s IM blend – best name ever )


Those that have read some of my other reviews know I try not to get into too much technical detail. Myself, I am interested in “ does it work?” first and foremost.



I wanted something that was light tasting and not leaving my mouth pasted up.

I wanted something to cover my nutritional needs without having to pack hundreds of gels or bars.

I wanted something to manage my electrolyte intake.


The blend we created was supposed to do this entirely. ( arms crossed in  skeptical fold )

Does it work?

At this point I can say, very confidently, “Yes”  I’ve been using it for almost 2 months and I it.

I take the recommended dose, 2 scoops = 270 calories per hour. I’ve used for all of my long rides and workouts ( anything over 2 – 6.5 hours) each week and the result is always the same. Smooth and consistent energy. 

  • No sloshy stomach
  • No energy spikes.
  • No gummed up mouth
  • No feeling thirsty despite drinking a bottle an hour
  • Light flavour and not overwhelmingly fake
  • Mixes well and fast, you’re not getting gritty pieces of sugar in your mouth

How I manage it

For long rides, I carry two full bottles and fill zip lock bags to equal the number of hours I’m riding. I stop at stores, grab water and mix a new bottles as needed. Simple and fast. My Garmin is set for 10 minute alerts, and I sip each time the alarm goes off.

As for the racing, I was trying to figure it out. What do you know….right on time…as if they heard me…this neat little article appears with some great ideas. ( get out of my MIND!!! )

Whats next?

Well first off, I am building a tin foil hat!

I love this stuff, and I am really looking forward to trying it in action during a race ( not just training ) . I’ll be using it exclusively for Tremblant 70.3 in June and if things go well, definitely for Placid in July

If you have not checked it out…please do. You will not regret it.

Cheers! Corey

i2P and becoming an ambassador


logo (1)


As I’ve gotten closer to middle age, there are certain things that start coming into line. Things that I see clearer and priorities that become very sharp. I start making decisions a little more carefully on who to support, and how to support them.

For me, I believe it is critical to support our youth and the environment. I believe that both are about the future and without either one, well,  there is no future. It’s an investment that may not payback immediately but will pay dividends years ahead.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to Ray Zahab and the i2P organization. I was struck by the authenticity and honesty of everyone I met. What is i2P? I think it can be best summed up by the simple, and yet powerful, purpose defining it.

Educate, Inspire and Empower.

Using adventure and technology as a medium, i2P encourages youth to reach beyond their perceived limit and prepare them to make an impact on the world. Further to that, classrooms around the world can share the experience live as the adventure unfolds. There is no cost associated, just curiosity and a desire to learn and grow.  By being web based, all i2P expeditions are fully interactive utilizing live satellite communications, daily videos, written blogs, and photo journals to deliver peer to peer learning. Schools around the world can journey alongside the expedition and learn at the same time as the youth ambassadors. Right now, there is a team of 5 youth getting ready to head out for the next expedition. In May, the journey begins in Greece! ( Read about these awesome young folks here )

So it’s got to be expensive right? Well guess what?! All expedition expenses are covered for the Youth Ambassadors and all i2P Experiential Learning Programs are delivered free of charge to schools and students around the world.

I’ve gotten to know many of the folks at i2P and when Ray approached me about becoming an ambassador, I was very excited (and honored). The i2P brand is very important to Ray because it’s also a direct reflection of who he is . Coming on board , fits my beliefs and I know I have something to offer to further these important words. Educate, Inspire and Empower

This is a exciting time and I’m happy to be part of a such a great organization.

For information, check out the website or watch this video for a great explanation from the founder himself.

If you want to register your school for Greece , Click here!

If you’re interested in becoming a youth ambassador on a future expedition, ask us how!

If you would like more information or to chat, drop me an email at

Small Town Changes–Vickie’s

We are a small town and it does not take much to feel the ripples when something changes or happens. Be it a factory shutting down, losing someone or a business closing up.

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten to know many business owners who have supported my various charity activities with little to no hesitation. We’re fortunate that we have these small business’s in town because they are ones who give the most. Be it Sport X, Zen Dragon, Smiths shoes, Wills Transfer, Town and Country, Rideau Winery, Century 21, Smiths Equipment, Chuckles Jack…..or Vickie’s.

This week, we’re losing Vickie’s and although I would never fault someone for following their passion and dreams, it is sad.  Selfishly, I could say I am losing a supporter but it is more. Vickie’s was a stable business for many people in this town. The type of clothing that was sold pretty much excluded me from shopping there, however it never stopped Vickie from supporting me. It also never stopped her from supporting many, many other people and clubs. Some we know about, more I am sure we don’t. Whether it was her fitness challenges, her donations or her volunteering she was always around.  Even to the end, she tried very hard at her own expense ( while going to school ) to find a suitable owner who would continue what she started. I don’t know all the details, but sadly it appears after many false starts…it was not in the cards.

So, here we are. I am happy for one person to be able to follow their dreams but I am sad that our community loses such an important of it.

Thank you Vickie for your help and support over the years. Good luck! VickiesYou deserve it.







PS – I know I have missed business’s …I am sorry if your name is not on here.

What do you think about ?

I get asked a lot what I think about when I run an Ultramarathon or a 70.3 or an Ironman . Many people act in disbelief when I inform that that I don’t even listen to music. I love the simple moments. I don’t even carry water if I don’t have to.

I can understand how in this day and age, some people can’t fathom how to be quiet and just be by yourself. But for me, being an introvert, this fits perfectly with my personality. Being alone with my thoughts for hours doesn’t bother me. Being alone and facing a brick wall to run through doesn’t bother me either. It’s just the way I am. I suppose some may see it as being a bit of  a loner. Well…yah…kinda. But there are reasons.

On some of my runs, I often leave the house living in one world and return living in a completely different one. It’s within those moments, that I sort through the cobwebs and skeletons in my closet. Housekeeping is very important when you struggle with anxiety and this keeps those monsters at bay.

Emotional reactions turn to logical responses.

You often hear runners being asked; “What are you running from?”

The truth will show up during those hours alone. But it’s not as dark or mysterious as some people think. And it’s not a question of what we run from. It’s more a question of what we run for.

In my case. The answer is simple.  I enjoy those minutes or hours where it’s my mind, my soul and my body moving together for a single purpose. At each point, one may waver but the other two seem to step up and pull the extra weight for a while. 

It reminds me of short song by the Waterboys titled “Spirit

Man gets tired
Spirit don’t
Man surrenders
Spirit won’t
Man crawls
Spirit flies
Spirit lives when man dies
Man seems
Spirit is
Man dreams
The spirit lives
Man is tethered
Spirit is free
What spirit is man can be

So….what do I think about?  Not much…

Sufferfest Review–Run WO “The Machine”

…<slow clap>…Well played SufferFest…Well played….


I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-sale copy of the new Sufferfest Running Training video so I could review it.

For those that are not familiar with the Sufferfest collection, you’re missing out. Up until now, they have been primarily focused on stationary cycle training videos. To put it mildly, those are simply could this not be?

Hint 1 – They are called the Sufferfest

Hint 2 – Their motto is IWBMATTKYT or “ I will beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow”

Their videos have a great mix. Wicked workout, excellent music and pretty neat video footage. Their angle is to put you right into the middle of the various races or events with a bit of a story line and objective. Directions and objectives are easy to follow .

This is their first jump into running, and all I can say is it’s about time!! This is going to make some of those Treadmill runs much more enjoyable!

Err…maybe enjoyable is not the right word.

The premise of this video “The Machine” is this.

You’re from the land Sufferlandria and you’re on a world tour of marathons. They are sending you out because you are so “advanced”. To keep it fair, they have created a special machine for you that will make you run up hill the entire time while racing against others. The grades will vary!!

(NOTE: Going into this, it’s handy to know your actual paces from Marathon to 5K. because you’re going to be using those as a measure for effort, and then translate that to treadmill pace. For that, you can use this handy chart.)


The screen while running will look something like this so you’ll need to keep an eye on it…but it’s a great distraction from the effort and easy to figure out.


Screen1 In this case, the 6.0 is your effort ( Marathon Pace) , the 3% is the grade/incline of the treadmill and the red counter beside appears when you’re getting close to a change up of effort. Easy right?

The video starts off with a great warm-up, then brings you into the workout before carefully blowing your lungs apart at the end. Think I’m joking? Think again…below is my Heart Rate profile from this workout…182 used to be my top end…I just found a new MAX at 185. I won’t get into all the details, I mean that is part of the fun right? But I will say the following…

Think running your 5K flat pace but at an 8% grade!!!

OK? get it? This is the real deal and it delivers everything the cycling videos do and more.




On a serious note, many people could be intimidated..don’t be. This is meant to deliver a serious package while keeping it fun and light.

Running an 8% grade at a 5K pace is not easy, and it caused me to buck a little bit. Most of us train for the journey, and if at first you don’t succeed…try again. But the workout is varied and offers a few different things and I guarantee you can probably do most of it. You will come away proud that you tried and wanting more!


You an check some more of the video right here.

Some neat facts:

  • The videos feature Officially Licensed footage from Diamond League Track & Field and prestigious marathons from around the world –
  • Workouts were designed by elite coach Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching. He also designed several of the most popular cycling workouts.
  • These videos will be released on 31st July 2014 at
  • The Machine will cost $10.99. The other two videos are Steamroller (45 minutes and $11.99) and Revolver (30 minutes and $9.99). They will be available as a bundle for $28 for a limited time. It’s a great deal and I cannot wait to get my hands on the other two! wrap this up.

Did I suffer? Yep…

Did it beat me down? Did I break?…..okay okay..I jumped off the belt once!!

C’mon..8% grade at a 5K pace!!  I told them to bring it….they told me it would be brought…and I’m pretty damn impressed. I love it and have a new objective.

Keep it coming Sufferfest!!!! You’re not scaring me!


Cheers and enjoy the day!


Triathlon VS Duathlon


There is a certain misconception that running a Duathlon is “less” a multisport than racing a Triathlon. This despite the fact, the run is considered the hardest part. With this in mind…logic would say, that putting together two legs of a good run in between a solid bike, is twice as hard. But who ever heard of logic in “Sport”

I’ve raced both, and my perspective is that both races are very unique. Both require a different strategy and neither should be compared superior to the other.

Duathlon – the proper international recognized format for Duathlon is having the longer run first, followed by the bike and finished with the shorter of the two runs. You will find some events placing the shorter distance in the front of the bike.

The challenge with the Duathlon, is trying to determine how hard to go on the first run, keeping in mind that blowing your quads, hammies and hip flexors apart to get a PB time will have an immediate impact on the bike that is coming up, which will then further degrade your last run. There really is no option for recovery as most people find out. Your legs are 100% engaged the entire time in one form or another.

A couple of reasons to compete in Duathlon

– Excellent way to learn and practice proper pacing in a race

– Great way to teach the body to switch up leg muscle groups fast.

– Excellent way to push high end VO2

– Can provide a quality workout for most types of racing but with lower mileage. Quality VS Quantity

– Do not need to worry about extra gear. ( example: wetsuit, goggles )

Triathlon – Triathlon is a standard with a Swim, Bike and Run. The swim can be intense, as you push your way through a crowd of people, but the fact you’re using a different muscle group does mean you are saving your legs for the Bike and Run. While most people proclaim to hate the swim, in North America Triathlon remains the primary multisport.

Triathlon is an interesting mix, because being good at any one of the three legs does not guarantee you a strong finish. Many arguments go back and forth over which core sport offers the best advantage. In my mind it is about consistency and leveraging your strongest point correctly, Off season should be about developing your weaker links to build a more consistent foundation.

There is a simple test on what to work on. List the three sports in what you view as strongest to weakest –> 1, 2 and 3. In the off season, work number 3 the hardest, 2 middle and then 1.

A couple of reasons to compete in Triathlon

– Variation in a race, three types of activity VS two

– Wide selection of races available

– Great cross training, with three activities being worked it can lead to better balance and recovery.

– Excellent way to learn how to deal with stressful situations. ie: swim starts

– Multiple options for distances

– Strategy and pacing become as much a part of a race as activity itself.

No matter what race you choose, both offer unique advantages and can be combined to provide an excellent training and racing schedule. For the Triathlete who has never raced a proper Olympic distance Duathlon, I challenge you to try one…just once! Find a sanctioned ITU qualifier and try it out just for fun. I bet you’ll get a whole new appreciation for the race.

Cheers and Keep running!