57 Days until Ironman Lake Placid – Training Report

Well, after yesterday I started the day a little slow. Sure, I felt great about it…but certainly I was tired and a few aches and pains reminded me that I had certainly built on my previous level. My ankle is swollen..and bruised and I expect slightly sprained. I am wearing my brace again…no sense in testing the devil.

The plan today was 75K ride – 10K run and 75K ride. I am assuming the purpose for this is somewhere between shocking the body and fatiguing it to the approx. levels of Ironman in July. 6hrs + 37 minutes yesterday with the addition of 6hrs today puts the time in. The body does not know the difference between the day, just slightly rested.

The ride started good, and I knew I was overdressed fairly quickly. I crossed through Merrickville and headed to Kemptville through Burrits Rapids. The wind was slightly at my back and I was cruising along fairly well. Main focus today was nutrition.

I averaged about 30K/hr there, not quite as much snap in the legs as yesterday.

I started feeling a slight twinge/ache behind my knee. It manifested itself from ache, to hurt to pain by about 50K. Not good. Now I have a slight sprain on my left ankle and some locked muscles behind my right knee.

I arrived home completing the first 75K in 2 hrs 33 minutes. Not too bad, but when I got off my bike it became apparent that my knee was not going to cooperate. I did try to run but the ankle and knee are not happy. I decided to shut the day down from there.

So, I went from 18 hours to 11hrs 42 minutes in training this week..just like that.  I am puzzled..because it felt so good yesterday.

I do have a little bit of anxiety. What will the impact be on Ironman be because of this? Am I within the window where this will put me down?  My goal is to not only complete Ironman, but do it well. No Kona this year mind you, but certainly something under 12 hours.

We’ll see. The new plan comes out this week from Richard and I’ll see what June brings.

Rating 1 ( horrible ) – 5 (Excellent)

Feeling – 3

Fatigue – 3

Effort – 3

Physical – 2

58 Days Until IronMan Lake Placid – Training Report 05/28/11

Today’s workout brought to you courtesy of http://www.tricoach.info/

It’s been a crappy spring, and the weather just is not getting better. Over the last month we’ve been bringing my rides up in intensity and distance. The weather, well, wet and cold.

So of course when I set out today to complete the biggest single workout I have ever done, the weather was consistent. 180K bike through a rolling terrain followed up by a 10K run. My poor bike is going to need a total overhaul once this season is over.

Anyway, the route I chose can be viewed here  but had me leaving Jasper, heading to Smiths Falls, Perth, Wesport, Crosby, Delta, Athens, Greenbush, New Dublin, North Augusta, Merrickville and then onwards home. Those of you that know the Perth to Westport route, will recognize that it qualifies as “rolly”

Overall, I felt great, maintained a good consistent speed and came off the bike with some legs that still worked. ( I’ll get to that in a moment). The last 10K had me riding into a headwind, but it was the last portion of the ride so I just tried to keep that in mind. Total time was 6 hrs and 6 minutes. Total distance was 183K. It was a great training ride not only for the legs, but to practice nutrition. In total I took in about 2200 calories which included 5 bottles of sport drink and 2 smaller bottles of water.

When I got off my bike, I was looking for an excuse to not run. The reality is though, I felt good. My legs, although a little tired, still had juice left in them. The plan called for me to run 10K @ about a 5:00 min pace,\ which would be equivalent to the run at Timberman. The pace is actually must slower then I run now, but I figured it was representative of what I could expect. Not so.

I had no issues finding a good pace and was running a consistent 4:30-4:40 with a HR of about 164. I think, I could have gone faster but because of tomorrow’s workout, I pulled back slightly. The one challenge I had on the run was rolling my ankle at about 2.2K. My damn ankles.

I got myself rolling again but cut the run short at 8K…having a little tenderness in the ankle.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my effort today and the return. Totals training hours logged this week so far is 10.5, with another longer ride and run tomorrow.

Rating 1 ( horrible ) – 5 (Excellent)

Feeling – 4

Fatigue – 3

Effort – 4

Physical – 3

116 Days until Lake Placid IronMan – Week 17 Training Log

Sunday March 28th

The swim at masters was good. Knowing I had to run afterwards I decided to take it a little easy, however, it was still a good hour. The focus was primarily on FreeStyle with some nice switch ups. The run home was good. I decided to run from Perth to Smiths Falls, which is about 21KM. I maintained a good strong pace, felt strong and held on. I hit SF around the 1 hr 30 mark.

Nutrition wise – Breakfast – Oatmeal, banana and juice. Swim – 1 bottle with HEED, approx. 100 calories and 1 Gel worth 100 calories. Run – 1.5 bottles worth about 150 calories and 1 Gel worth about 100 calories. After run – Fruit smoothie with Recoverite, etc,.

Feeling – Felt strong, very happy with results. Sunday afternoon was slightly tired. Started getting a cold..started using Cold Assist, Echinacea, loads of water.

Monday March 29

90 Minute spin at SPORTX. I taught the class and created a program based on the first half of Timberman. A lot of of high training, seated climbs and strong efforts.

Nuitrition Wise – 2 bottles of HEED with 100 calories each. I think I probably went too light here on the nutrition focus and suffered a bit afterwards.

Feeling – Feel good, legs are tight in usual places due to the Sunday workout and the heavy work Monday.

Tuesday March 30th

Spin – Did not go, legs were feeling fat too burnt and I recognized the tightness. Knowing I was going to be doing a long ride on Saturday, I knew I would make this out.

Swim – was good. The load was heavy with a lot of sprints. Total laps were supposed to be 92, our lane got 86 of them done.

Feeling – Strong, but legs are certainly tight. Cold is present, but not full blown. I think I was able to offset it.

Wednesday March 30th

Run – Warm up, with 8 X 1KM @ 4:00min or less pace with Cool down.

Did the repeats at the top of the road. As Richard had requested, it was flat. It was about a 3.3KM run. No issues, 6 intervals below 4:00 minutes, 1 at 4:04 and 1 at 4:00. Ran home feeling pretty spent..legs started tightening up. Made sure is stretched it out well. Total distance was 16.7 with intervals.

Feeling – Good, but the the legs are feeling shredded and tight.

Nutrition – 1 bottle of HEED worth about 100 calories. Supper immediately afterwards. Epson salts bath.

Thursday March 31st

Massage – Worked calves and thighs.

Spin – legs were heavy, light to medium efforts. Number of different intervals, was feeling okay. Nutrition – 1 bottle of heed worth about 100 calories, and 1 gel worth about 100 calories.

Swim – hard night. Main set was 10 laps x 100 meters with varying strokes. 90 laps, we did 82. Legs were too shredded, needed to go to a Pull Buoy on Audrey’s suggestion. Inside thigh muscle was particularly sensitive. Very tight. Nutrition – Bottle of HEED worth about 100 calories. Afterwards, Banana and water.

Friday – Took the day off, probably a good thing.

Saturday April 2nd

Great Morning. Started spinning at 6:00 am, left store around 9:00 am and rode my bike home. Total  spin time is around 3 hr 45 minutes. Feeling good, legs still a little sluggish, but okay. Nuitrition – Bananna, 1 Gel @ 100 calories, 2.5 bottles of Heed @ about 100 calories each.

Ran back into town to get my car. Total distance was about 11.5KM. legs were a little heavy and a medium NE wind blowing against me the entire way. Took the run easy and pushed through at about a 5:00 min pace. I reminded myself that I would probably feel a lot worst during Ironman, so mentally I need to prepare. Nutrition – juice, 1 gel.

Sunday April 3rd

Swim – Aerobic set, 76 laps scheduled and we pulled in 84. Overall I am happy with this, however I knew I was overdoing it with the swim. My legs started feeling it not long afterwards. Nutrition – Breakfast – instant oatmeal, banana and glass of juice. Bottle of Heed @ 100 calories. Feeling – Okay

Run – this one hurt, Did 23.3 k right after the swim and boy oh boy was it rough. My legs ached all the way through. It was a mental training day for sure, as we backed the pace off to 5:30 pm. The ache was running through both legs, but I kept reminding myself that Ironman day..I would probably feel worst. Nutrition – 2 gels @ 100 calories, 2 bottles at 100 calories. Back at the car, Chocolate Milk with Recoverite, worth about 200 calories and a Banana. Once home, Ice bath and Ibuprofen right away. Feeling – very tough struggle today.

Very glad the week is over!

153 Days Until Ironman Lake Placid

It’s been a while, I suppose some would wonder if I was coming back. Kidding aside, I am well aware that anyone who has even read this BLOG is purely by accident.

Much has happened. First and foremost, I ran a Half Marathon in Ottawa on Sunday morning and posted a PB placing 3rd in my age category. 1 hr 30 min and 46 second. Damn I am happy..I have been working very hard on it.

Work is brutal right now, with stress levels going through the roof. This plays into me big time and I am finding it very draining. My energy is getting sapped and I am really trying hard to stay positive.

March Break Training Camp is approaching, it’s going to be great. A week of Florida and training. Plus, the added benefit of having the family there. A few side trips to Disney, beaches…a nice break.

Most of my training has been on my own recently. It’s been tough trying to line everything up with others. Really, impossible.

Oh well…here we go.


169 days until Ironman Lake Placid 2011

Today I had to run 24K @ 4:40 pace. The snow covered roads from a fresh snow the night before offered some resistance. As I ran. the snow turned to slush and found myself getting wetter with each passing car and each foot fall. Again? Why?

Your thoughts drift during these periods. You’re alone and it’s early morning. People stare at you in amusement as they drive by. You contemplate the finer points, the lower points and usually have a period of diving deep within your self. Today, my thoughts turned to my training.

Earlier this week, I shook off about a week and half where I was doubting just about everything. I felt stalled at my training and had some minor issues with my swim coach and program. During these times, I will often withdraw so I can realign myself and ensure I am thinking straight. It’s partly a defense mechanism from younger years and partly to ensure I do not engage in something that will be regrettable later. But like I said, I shook it off. But today, as always, there was the reflection.

I asked myself as I often do… “Why?” “Will my training be enough?”. So much of my attention has been on my training.

In a total epiphany, I suddenly got it. It’s not the training. The training is only one part of the entire journey. It’s a companion.

My journey, and our journey, is about bringing the training along with us and then when it is needed..rising above it. The training will build the confidence, the training will build the fitness…but only I can finish the day and finish the journey. So when I run in the slush and the snow. And when I run at (–) 30 degrees…it’s not for the training. It’s about me rising above the training. Its about me rising above where I was…and who I was. With each day and each km, I change and become someone different.

Each of us that embark on these journeys, spend a lot of time alone. If we are lucky, we occasionally can align an hour or two with a friend or training partner…but for the most part it’s a solitary road. But the solitude can really help clear a foggy head.

170 days until Lake Placid

Crappy week, actually, overall a couple of crappy weeks. Went into a bit of a tailspin but managed to shake it off Mid week. Why? Who knows. I am sure I cannot be the only one.

New training schedule from my coach is being worked on right now. Can hardly wait to see it.

So, after 4 week so official training, how am I feeling ?

9 hours scheduled this week.

Running – went through my usual mid winter shin splints, but I seemed to have shaken them off. Tomorrow is a 25K run, so I’ll have a better feel for it then. Certainly, on the shorter distances my pace continues to average around 4:30/km with race pace being between 4:10 and 4:20. Tomorrow’s 25K is supposed to be at 4:40 – 4:45, so we’ll see what we can make of it. Running distance in winter is always a pain, because your drinks do end up freezing. Luckily, the temp is only supposed to go down to around – 5..so with some luck we will be okay.

Swimming – feeling good, noticing a big difference in my technique and strength this year. I am really trying to “pony” up no the techie portion to try and gain some speed. It’s about the only way outside of effort to go quicker, and I am nervous about trying to expend more energy. I need to save all I can. 3 times a week, 2KM min usually.

Cycling- hard to say, you’re on a trainer which although is a good substitution..is not the real thing. I feel good, heart rate usually around 130-140 with cadence around 70-80. Feel good…but really want to be back on the road riding.

Strength – Oh god, give me strength….literally. I hate…hate…hate this. I never liked weights. There has to be a better way to gain core strength.

My focus is really strong right now, if I feel myself drifting, I simply remember my goal. That brings me back quickly.


184 days until Ironman Lake Placid–Introspective

Wow, where is time going? I can hardly believe that it’s coming so quickly.

As time marches on, I find myself aligning and focussing more on my target event. Physically training is happening almost daily and mentally it appears I am becoming aligned as well. I bounce between being excited, nervous and scared. Doubts will sometimes creep into my head..can I make it? Will my body and mind hold up? The answer of course is Yes…(I refuse to consider anything else ), but I also wonder what other athletes feel.

You basically give up normal life. Everything becomes focussed on the race. Saturday morning, I roll out of bed at 5:30am on a –20 day because I need to. Sunday morning likewise. All of this, at a cost. Training, wherever it is, becomes part of a routine that I must follow as opposed to “nice to do”. There is no time for beer, late nights and fast foods.


I am not sure yet what drives me. Why it is driving me. At my current level of fitness I could easily keep doing the Olympic Tri’s in the area and compete at a fairly strong level. Yet I choose to alter my path for this.

When most people are in bed, I find myself piling layers of clothes on to ensure my parts all remain intact for my July race as I head outside for a run.

This path I am on promises to reveal a lot about me over the next 26 weeks. I am eager for it.

As I head into mid life, I think there is much to be learned.

January 3rd – 204 Days until Lake Placid

Well, yesterday I did manage to get my run and strength training in. The run on a scale of 1 – 10 was about a 7. It was a cold wind, but we made some good time for sure. The strength training sucked. I am not a person who likes to lift weights, or has ever been one…but I understand it is good for core strength.

It brings me back to my days when I trained in Karate and how the Sensei would always preach “Core Strength”.

It was also interesting to watch the girls workout ( in their own way ) beside me.

On tap for today? Just a nice gentle spin at some point. I will try and get about 90 minutes in, so I’ll probably take a movie and watch it.

Scales 1 – 10 ( 1 being unable to train, 10 being strong )

Physically – 8, slight twinge in my shins as there seems to be for every winter. getting a massage

Mentally – 8, feel okay. Nerves are bugging me a little bit. I move from excitement to nervousness on a regular basis

Fitness – 7, feeling pretty good, not at the top of my game but certainly within the realm. (My point of reference being Timberman 2010 as my peak.)

See you soon.


January 2nd 2011 – 205 days Until Lake Placid

Me at Timberman 2010 - 5 Hours 19 minutes

And so begins my march to Lake Placid and all the fun in between in the decision and the actual event.

My march is not alone, I have great support from my family, friends and of course my coach Richard Cadman of Tricoach.

The training is broken into the Prep, Base 1, Base 2, Base 3, Build 1, Build 2 and the Peak phases.

So right now, I am in the Prep phase, which means just kind of floating along keeping some of the fitness I gained last year and not letting it all slip away.

After Timberman, I was very happy and felt as strong as I ever have. I used this training to carry me through one Ultramarathon (50K) in Sept and one Regular Marathon in October. Yes…it was too much, and No I would not do it again. By the time I ran my regular marathon I had a very tough race. I finished in 3 hrs 32 minutes ( my personal best is 3 hrs 21 minutes)but it was a tough as I had experienced on the circuit. My body really started rebelling against me around the 32 km mark. These are periods when injury becomes a very real possibility and I could have hurt myself.

What did I learn? Periodization, Proper recovery is important and being realistic when goal setting.

So, after that, I allowed myself some time to recover and feel good. I did run a 10K in November and managed a PB with a time of 41 minutes 17 seconds. Nothing since then, and my next race is scheduled on January 16th which is also a 10K.

Current Plan, or what we have been doing

I swim 2-3 times a week in one hour sessions with our Masters Club in Perth. I run 2-3 times a week with minimum runs around 10K, and max around 16-16K. I spin twice ( hour sessions ) a week, usually on Thursdays before swim and Saturday mornings after a run with some local tri folks.

Moving into January, we need to start slowly bringing this up. Keeping in mind, it is still the prep phase..so nice gentle workouts in Lower Zones. The Spin does need to start increasing time on the bike.

I spent some time with my coach at a gym not long ago because he feels it is good for me to get into some form of strength training. I am not one to have spent a lot of time at a gym, but I will buy into this. Core strength, even while I was at Karate, was vital to many physical activities.

So, here we go, off this morning to kick it all off. I am planning a nice easy 15K run this morning with a friend. Living in Ontario, I am dealing with winter temperatures…but today it’s 4 degrees and the roads are dry!

Later this evening, I will be doing some strength training with some free weights I have downstairs. Not ideal, but I do not have access to a gym today.

Over and out