What do you think about ?

I get asked a lot what I think about when I run an Ultramarathon or a 70.3 or an Ironman . Many people act in disbelief when I inform that that I don’t even listen to music. I love the simple moments. I don’t even carry water if I don’t have to.

I can understand how in this day and age, some people can’t fathom how to be quiet and just be by yourself. But for me, being an introvert, this fits perfectly with my personality. Being alone with my thoughts for hours doesn’t bother me. Being alone and facing a brick wall to run through doesn’t bother me either. It’s just the way I am. I suppose some may see it as being a bit of  a loner. Well…yah…kinda. But there are reasons.

On some of my runs, I often leave the house living in one world and return living in a completely different one. It’s within those moments, that I sort through the cobwebs and skeletons in my closet. Housekeeping is very important when you struggle with anxiety and this keeps those monsters at bay.

Emotional reactions turn to logical responses.

You often hear runners being asked; “What are you running from?”

The truth will show up during those hours alone. But it’s not as dark or mysterious as some people think. And it’s not a question of what we run from. It’s more a question of what we run for.

In my case. The answer is simple.  I enjoy those minutes or hours where it’s my mind, my soul and my body moving together for a single purpose. At each point, one may waver but the other two seem to step up and pull the extra weight for a while. 

It reminds me of short song by the Waterboys titled “Spirit

Man gets tired
Spirit don’t
Man surrenders
Spirit won’t
Man crawls
Spirit flies
Spirit lives when man dies
Man seems
Spirit is
Man dreams
The spirit lives
Man is tethered
Spirit is free
What spirit is man can be

So….what do I think about?  Not much…