Youth….Maybe it’s not them…

There are times when I  am embarrassed to be an adult. More then once, I have stood in line in a retail chain, or food outlet and listened to so called “Adults” berate the people trying desperately to serve them.

We live in a society that seems desperate to be a victim and equally as desperate to prove they won the fight when being victimized.

The trouble is, telling a 16 year old student they don’t have a clue is not winning a fight, it’s being a bully. You’re right, those 16 year olds don’t have a clue. Those 16 year olds don’t make the rules and they are trying very hard to function in the world WE created..not  them.

As we stand in line, complaining, whining and arguing about 10 cents…we are teaching a generation how to interact with people.

So, my request is this, before any one of us so called Adults complain about the Youth and their attitude…lets take a serious look in the mirror.

The world doesn’t need more victims, but we do need our youth more than ever. We sure as hell haven’t done a good job making things better but maybe they can.