To Social Media or not To Social Media…

Some time ago, one of my favorite bloggers “Ashruns100s” asked a question that continues to resonate with me.

“ If you had no way of recording your run, no garmin, no facebook or twitter and no friends to brag to…would you still run and do what you do?”

Shortly after that on a local radio station, they were speaking to a fitness expert in Ottawa and he made a comment along these lines. He encouraged people not to post each run, each activity..UNLESS…it was truly something epic or different. He view was, that there was no need to post that which is just part of your normal routine. The people you are posting it to..already know you do those things.

Another friend of mine spoke to me about his concern with a growing number of “posers” or folks that aren’t all they are cracked up to be. They talk..but the walk is not exactly there and it’s very obvious. I too see this more and more.

This is something I have been turning over and over in my mind for sometime. As I think more and more on the subject. The question that comes back to me again and again is “Why?”

In the past, I have been guilty of posting like this, however I have stopped because for a runner to post “I ran 10K today, or a competitive athlete to post a “B” or “C” race result is basically the same thing as someone else posting what they ate for dinner. We all do it, we all know it. The exception to this of course , may be that new runner/triathlete/cyclist who is finding their “legs” and  boiling over with excitement and enthusiasm. It’s ok for awhile.

I have been watching the various posts over the last couple of months and I have noticed something very interesting. The people I really want to hear from, the ones I find most interesting, are very selective in their posting.

Check out Gary Robbins, his tweets mix up his epic adventures with those of other people and facts. Derrick Spafford has a mix as well, but rarely focused on his daily training despite the fact he has one of the longest daily run streaks in North America and he is an elite.

For me personally, it boils down to this

– Most people know I train daily, they don’t need me to tweet or post it

– Most people know I race through the season, they don’t need me to tweet or post it. And unless it was a real breakthrough race, they probably don’t care too much about it either.  In fact, most will not be able to understand a significant race from a normal race.

– I do this for me, not to seek gratification from others. While I am always appreciative of supportive comments, they will not make or break me.

So that leaves one final question? What about Blogs?

Well now…that is a whole other topic for a different post.

One final thing, this is just my opinion. You can agree or disagree…I’ll take no offense.