Moments in the Sun


I can bore you with a recap of the same conversation every runner, triathlete  and cyclist has been complaining about all winter, or simply say. “Blah Blah Blah UGH!”

Around the Bay is in one week, and I can honestly say I have no idea how this is going to go.

I am trained up to a level, but it has been very difficult to get a feel for that level with sporadic ability to put in true tempo runs. In rural Ontario, the roads have just not allowed any significant true to pace volume. I can say, that from an effort perspective, it was all there so I am hoping the translation is not lost.

Physically, I have been having some issues like never before. For some reason, I am having severe pain with my neck. It has limited my ability to sleep at times, turn my head and makes me wish I could cut my head off my body. It appears to be related to a nerve, or disc around a vertebrae but I won’t know for sure until Tuesday when I head for a MRI.

Mentally, it’s been tough. I suffer from anxiety and the last three months have not been fun. For those that suffer, I would put this on a scale of 8. For those that don’t, count yourself lucky. I know it is irrational…please don’t tell me that. Typically I have been able to keep it in check by the training I do, but this winter has been different. It’s forced me to pull back the reigns on some of the volunteer, racing and coaching work because focusing has been hard and my memory can be short.

With all this said and done, the long winter has been a time of a violent self discovery. Not violent as in physical harm, but as a metaphor for one of forced personal change and self understanding. And within all of this, I have my family who I love dearly. 

Around the Bay is in one week, and my original goal was 2 hours. I am less worried about hitting that number now because this race is becoming something more to me. I simply want to move beyond it, but I need to go through it first.

Just like rough patches in life.

See you in the sun!! April is a new beginning.