Slowly and Surely…2014 starts to form

Slowly and surely, I have been working on my 2014 season. This one has taken me longer than any other. I am truly torn between running Triathlon and doing a full season of Ultramarathons.

So far, it appears Ultramarathons are winning.


There are just too many ways to have fun. So with each lap of a pool and crank on a bike, I come to realisation that I am further away from Triathlon than I have been in a while. But, I think that’s ok. A break after 5 solid years of Multisport is not going to hurt me. If anything, it’s likely to refocus me for next year ( 2015 ) when I sign on for Ironman Canada.

There is still a hidden goal in here as well, that I am not yet committing to but I cannot stop thinking about. That’s to run the Cat Trail from end to end and set the time standard for it.


See you on the trails