Dream, Believe and be Fair!


It’s inevitable, that once you start running and get to a point where you add endurance…a seemingly endless amount of doors open up. They’re new, bright and flashy like a new car. 

The trouble is, like a new car, getting it is easy. Learning how to handle it may be the hard part. I’m not much a role model when it comes to what I am about to preach. In fact, I can honestly say that most of what I caution you not to do, I have done. That’s why I think I can preach this. I have miles and scars. 

In 2010, I ran my first marathon. I followed that up, with my first Half Ironman in New Hampshire. I followed that up, with my first Ultra in September, followed by another marathon one month later in October.  By the time I finished my marathon in October, I was wrecked, sick and on the verge of injury. It took me weeks and weeks to totally recover physically and mentally.

The problem was, I was physically up to the challenge (more or less)…but I was not mature enough to realise that it was incredibly stupid. I did not respect the distances or the training. I figured now that I had this base, I could go anywhere and do anything. I was going to be “one of those guys’  who never get injured and seem to race all the time.

Well, those guys don’t exist. If you talk to the people who you think do that, you’ll learn that what you think is not the reality. In fact, they are more careful then anyone, with very select races…carefully planned training and an ultra conservative base and team behind them. 

Last year, I raced less then I ever have. 

April, June, Aug and Sept.  With these races, I trained specific and focused without getting distracted. What I wanted to do and what I needed to do were two very different things.

I spent a lot of time trying to get my form right and learning about my body. I learned the importance of core, of flexibility and real nutrition. I rushed nothing and I had what I consider my most successful season ever. There was not 1 KM I took for granted, or wanted to do “just because” I could. It was because I trained for it and I could see it all ahead of me as part of the plan. 

My point to everyone, is that when I ask you to write your goals down! Go Big!!! But be realistic and fair to yourself. Respect the training and time that goes into it these things and allow yourself to do it the right way. Enjoy your journey and the lessons along the way, some of those will not come from the physical activity. 


Cheers! Run happy.