Rough Patch Part 2

So coming out of the race, I was bummed…but not broken. I knew I had made a mistake but I also know that dwelling on it does nothing. You cannot change the past. I chalked it up to a really good interval workout and started looking forward.

As some folks know from my previous posts, I switched Masters Swim programs last fall to try and balance the home life a little more. The one subtle difference in the Brockville program is the use of flippers. In Perth, we usually did our kick sets without flippers and the odd occasion we did need flippers, the program provided access to them . I never needed to invest in a pair so I never did. In Brockville however, flippers are used for all kick sets. This becomes really annoying because you quickly fall behind or have to cut your set short because the flipper folks are whizzing by you.

To be clear…I am not criticising or suggesting whether flippers are acceptable or not. Swimming is not my main and therefore I cannot judge. What I am saying, is that if you are the only kid on the block without a get left behind.

I ordered my pair and I was very happy when they first arrived. I could finally keep up and would be able to do a full kick set workout!! Around the same time, I started experiencing a slight twinge in my lower back stretching into my butt. It was nothing I could not handle, but was a little strange as I typically have no issues with these types of things. On Monday the 27th , the main workout was 4 sets of times 500 meters. The First was Free, Second was Pull Buoy, Third was Kick and 4th was back to Free.  I worked through the sets and loved having the flippers for my Kick set. I was starting to feel abnormally stiff and was having a hard time stretching myself out.

I lifted myself out of the water and pain brought me to my knees on deck. My sciatica was on fire and the pain was pretty intense. Luckily at the Y, they have a hot tub so I limped over and sat in it for about 10 minutes. I called my Physiotherapist  Shannon ( Podium Sports ) and she had me in right away. We determined fairly quickly that it was the flippers causing me the issue. Apparently my Glutes were/are not firing, and as a result my lower back and hamstrings are overcompensating. In normal kick mode, it was not so much of an issue, but putting the extra load on my legs with the flippers and then doing a timed 500 set…well..that totally blew them up. They locked up and put pressure on the sciatica.

It was great news to hear, however the prescription was stretching and a reduced week followed up by another visit. This was frustrating for me, because I hate missing a week of training…but what do you do?

By Friday I felt much better and was looking forward to the weekend. I had a long run planned and it was going to be a great way to get back into the groove.


What else could go wrong? …..