Training after an Ironman Season

Yesterday as I was running, I was reminded of a run I did in the spring of 2010.  After that run I wrote this poem to try and capture that moment.

I love to run.

The Run

Flying through the doors; like a school boy on the last day of class, I move towards the road.

One foot down and another forward; I breathe deep,

The wind caress’s my face and cool air moves through my lungs. With a rush of blood, my body ignites. It knows…

Electricity alive, I cannot ignore the cry to run…as far and as free as I can.

Sun basking in my face, trees whispering and cheering me on…I cannot turn back, I must stay forward.

The cars buzz by; ignoring me, missing the experience that could also be theirs should they choose.

A fork approaches, do I turn or do I stay the course?

There is no turning back, and life is in front of me not behind. There are many miles left unturned and a world is waiting.

The decision is made before I need to choose, my legs and my arms have already decided and I go forward. This day, this warm spring day, is a gift and must not be ignored.

Running along the edge of the road, it is me and the world blending together. My thoughts, stress and desires slip away and are replaced only with beating of my heart and the air filling my lungs,

I am alive and could run forever.

Over and Out


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