Tomorrow is Race Day

So tomorrow is race day and I am interested to see how it goes. I am definitley hoping that my fitness and drive pull me through, because I have allowed myself to slip into a slow mode since Cornwall.

For anyone that has not been to Muskoka before, it’s a slice of heaven tucked north of Toronto. The view is simply amazing and with the race being at held at one of the premiere resorts in Ontario does not hurt at all. We’re staying at a sister resort just about 1Km down the road so its great. No driving race day means nice and easy!!

We arrived yesterday afternoon around 3:30pm and once we had our stuff, went right to the back deck and had a beer. Okay…maybe two. This is “sign number one” that I am in the beginning of season end mode because I would never have considered this earlier in the season.

I had a flash of fantasy that saw me leaving my life in Eastern Ontario and moving here. Ahhh but the glory of reality came back soon enough.

So whats on the docket for today?

We’re heading out for a swim around 8:00 am this morning, and will probably follow that up with a really small bike ride. Check the bikes in, get our gear, and then chill out all afternoon. A pasta buffet is available at the resort here, so we’ll probably minimize traffic and just eat here.


All in all, so far a great weekend and I am really enjoying it.



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