116 Days until Lake Placid IronMan – Week 17 Training Log

Sunday March 28th

The swim at masters was good. Knowing I had to run afterwards I decided to take it a little easy, however, it was still a good hour. The focus was primarily on FreeStyle with some nice switch ups. The run home was good. I decided to run from Perth to Smiths Falls, which is about 21KM. I maintained a good strong pace, felt strong and held on. I hit SF around the 1 hr 30 mark.

Nutrition wise – Breakfast – Oatmeal, banana and juice. Swim – 1 bottle with HEED, approx. 100 calories and 1 Gel worth 100 calories. Run – 1.5 bottles worth about 150 calories and 1 Gel worth about 100 calories. After run – Fruit smoothie with Recoverite, etc,.

Feeling – Felt strong, very happy with results. Sunday afternoon was slightly tired. Started getting a cold..started using Cold Assist, Echinacea, loads of water.

Monday March 29

90 Minute spin at SPORTX. I taught the class and created a program based on the first half of Timberman. A lot of of high training, seated climbs and strong efforts.

Nuitrition Wise – 2 bottles of HEED with 100 calories each. I think I probably went too light here on the nutrition focus and suffered a bit afterwards.

Feeling – Feel good, legs are tight in usual places due to the Sunday workout and the heavy work Monday.

Tuesday March 30th

Spin – Did not go, legs were feeling fat too burnt and I recognized the tightness. Knowing I was going to be doing a long ride on Saturday, I knew I would make this out.

Swim – was good. The load was heavy with a lot of sprints. Total laps were supposed to be 92, our lane got 86 of them done.

Feeling – Strong, but legs are certainly tight. Cold is present, but not full blown. I think I was able to offset it.

Wednesday March 30th

Run – Warm up, with 8 X 1KM @ 4:00min or less pace with Cool down.

Did the repeats at the top of the road. As Richard had requested, it was flat. It was about a 3.3KM run. No issues, 6 intervals below 4:00 minutes, 1 at 4:04 and 1 at 4:00. Ran home feeling pretty spent..legs started tightening up. Made sure is stretched it out well. Total distance was 16.7 with intervals.

Feeling – Good, but the the legs are feeling shredded and tight.

Nutrition – 1 bottle of HEED worth about 100 calories. Supper immediately afterwards. Epson salts bath.

Thursday March 31st

Massage – Worked calves and thighs.

Spin – legs were heavy, light to medium efforts. Number of different intervals, was feeling okay. Nutrition – 1 bottle of heed worth about 100 calories, and 1 gel worth about 100 calories.

Swim – hard night. Main set was 10 laps x 100 meters with varying strokes. 90 laps, we did 82. Legs were too shredded, needed to go to a Pull Buoy on Audrey’s suggestion. Inside thigh muscle was particularly sensitive. Very tight. Nutrition – Bottle of HEED worth about 100 calories. Afterwards, Banana and water.

Friday – Took the day off, probably a good thing.

Saturday April 2nd

Great Morning. Started spinning at 6:00 am, left store around 9:00 am and rode my bike home. Total  spin time is around 3 hr 45 minutes. Feeling good, legs still a little sluggish, but okay. Nuitrition – Bananna, 1 Gel @ 100 calories, 2.5 bottles of Heed @ about 100 calories each.

Ran back into town to get my car. Total distance was about 11.5KM. legs were a little heavy and a medium NE wind blowing against me the entire way. Took the run easy and pushed through at about a 5:00 min pace. I reminded myself that I would probably feel a lot worst during Ironman, so mentally I need to prepare. Nutrition – juice, 1 gel.

Sunday April 3rd

Swim – Aerobic set, 76 laps scheduled and we pulled in 84. Overall I am happy with this, however I knew I was overdoing it with the swim. My legs started feeling it not long afterwards. Nutrition – Breakfast – instant oatmeal, banana and glass of juice. Bottle of Heed @ 100 calories. Feeling – Okay

Run – this one hurt, Did 23.3 k right after the swim and boy oh boy was it rough. My legs ached all the way through. It was a mental training day for sure, as we backed the pace off to 5:30 pm. The ache was running through both legs, but I kept reminding myself that Ironman day..I would probably feel worst. Nutrition – 2 gels @ 100 calories, 2 bottles at 100 calories. Back at the car, Chocolate Milk with Recoverite, worth about 200 calories and a Banana. Once home, Ice bath and Ibuprofen right away. Feeling – very tough struggle today.

Very glad the week is over!

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