116 Days until Lake Placid IronMan – Week 17 Training Log

Sunday March 28th

The swim at masters was good. Knowing I had to run afterwards I decided to take it a little easy, however, it was still a good hour. The focus was primarily on FreeStyle with some nice switch ups. The run home was good. I decided to run from Perth to Smiths Falls, which is about 21KM. I maintained a good strong pace, felt strong and held on. I hit SF around the 1 hr 30 mark.

Nutrition wise – Breakfast – Oatmeal, banana and juice. Swim – 1 bottle with HEED, approx. 100 calories and 1 Gel worth 100 calories. Run – 1.5 bottles worth about 150 calories and 1 Gel worth about 100 calories. After run – Fruit smoothie with Recoverite, etc,.

Feeling – Felt strong, very happy with results. Sunday afternoon was slightly tired. Started getting a cold..started using Cold Assist, Echinacea, loads of water.

Monday March 29

90 Minute spin at SPORTX. I taught the class and created a program based on the first half of Timberman. A lot of of high training, seated climbs and strong efforts.

Nuitrition Wise – 2 bottles of HEED with 100 calories each. I think I probably went too light here on the nutrition focus and suffered a bit afterwards.

Feeling – Feel good, legs are tight in usual places due to the Sunday workout and the heavy work Monday.

Tuesday March 30th

Spin – Did not go, legs were feeling fat too burnt and I recognized the tightness. Knowing I was going to be doing a long ride on Saturday, I knew I would make this out.

Swim – was good. The load was heavy with a lot of sprints. Total laps were supposed to be 92, our lane got 86 of them done.

Feeling – Strong, but legs are certainly tight. Cold is present, but not full blown. I think I was able to offset it.

Wednesday March 30th

Run – Warm up, with 8 X 1KM @ 4:00min or less pace with Cool down.

Did the repeats at the top of the road. As Richard had requested, it was flat. It was about a 3.3KM run. No issues, 6 intervals below 4:00 minutes, 1 at 4:04 and 1 at 4:00. Ran home feeling pretty spent..legs started tightening up. Made sure is stretched it out well. Total distance was 16.7 with intervals.

Feeling – Good, but the the legs are feeling shredded and tight.

Nutrition – 1 bottle of HEED worth about 100 calories. Supper immediately afterwards. Epson salts bath.

Thursday March 31st

Massage – Worked calves and thighs.

Spin – legs were heavy, light to medium efforts. Number of different intervals, was feeling okay. Nutrition – 1 bottle of heed worth about 100 calories, and 1 gel worth about 100 calories.

Swim – hard night. Main set was 10 laps x 100 meters with varying strokes. 90 laps, we did 82. Legs were too shredded, needed to go to a Pull Buoy on Audrey’s suggestion. Inside thigh muscle was particularly sensitive. Very tight. Nutrition – Bottle of HEED worth about 100 calories. Afterwards, Banana and water.

Friday – Took the day off, probably a good thing.

Saturday April 2nd

Great Morning. Started spinning at 6:00 am, left store around 9:00 am and rode my bike home. Total  spin time is around 3 hr 45 minutes. Feeling good, legs still a little sluggish, but okay. Nuitrition – Bananna, 1 Gel @ 100 calories, 2.5 bottles of Heed @ about 100 calories each.

Ran back into town to get my car. Total distance was about 11.5KM. legs were a little heavy and a medium NE wind blowing against me the entire way. Took the run easy and pushed through at about a 5:00 min pace. I reminded myself that I would probably feel a lot worst during Ironman, so mentally I need to prepare. Nutrition – juice, 1 gel.

Sunday April 3rd

Swim – Aerobic set, 76 laps scheduled and we pulled in 84. Overall I am happy with this, however I knew I was overdoing it with the swim. My legs started feeling it not long afterwards. Nutrition – Breakfast – instant oatmeal, banana and glass of juice. Bottle of Heed @ 100 calories. Feeling – Okay

Run – this one hurt, Did 23.3 k right after the swim and boy oh boy was it rough. My legs ached all the way through. It was a mental training day for sure, as we backed the pace off to 5:30 pm. The ache was running through both legs, but I kept reminding myself that Ironman day..I would probably feel worst. Nutrition – 2 gels @ 100 calories, 2 bottles at 100 calories. Back at the car, Chocolate Milk with Recoverite, worth about 200 calories and a Banana. Once home, Ice bath and Ibuprofen right away. Feeling – very tough struggle today.

Very glad the week is over!

Florida Training Camp March 13th–18th

Where have I been? Time flies when you’re having fun..thats all I can say. So, to tell the truth…first this is a quick update and from there..I start talking about the training camp.

Training has been going very well, I feel great. I have really noticed the Heart rate coming down very fast. The biggest challenge I have found, is fitting everything into the week. Once you get above 10 hours…it gets tough. Especially with 3 kids under 10. But thats what I choose, and honestly, would not have it any other way.

So – what’s happened? I ran a Half Marathon in 1 hr 30 minutes. Boo-yah! My PB and something I have been chasing for about a year. Some good swims in place, have really enjoyed them. Overall, a real good month in February and definitely a stepping stone forward.

The Training camp is put on by my coach and basically consists of daily activities, always morning, which allows us to hang with the families in the afternoon.

Day 1 – a great ride, 83K. A little nerve wracking in some places, but overall not too bad. I really enjoyed getting back on the bike and feeling the warm air rushing past me. Felt good, had some really strong pulls with the group and I rode some really strong drafts. Nutrition 2.25 bottles and 2 gels. Feeling very strong, very excited.

Day 2 – 92km, Wow…I thought Florida was flat. Nope. You guys who live there have some great terrain and variation. We rode above Sugar Loaf Hill which was quit an experience, and one that helped me realise I could use some more hill training. On the back 30, I finally blew up. My max speed was about 29K/hr and once I got to any sort of climb…well…forget about it. I made my way home on solar power and the cells were low. My recovery shake tasted very very very good. Nutrition 3.5 bottles and 2 gels. Feeling blown up and chewed up.

Day 3 – After blowing up yesterday, time to back off and do some recovery. I went out early enough and did a nice little 11K, averaging 4:29/km. To the pool afterwards and then the hot tub. I could get use to this living. Feeling – okay. Great to be running again.

Day 4 – 78km, Nice way to spring back. Richard had us on a great ride today, and I managed a couple of strong pulls. Including a leading pull back worth about 5K @ 35-40K/hr. It was a confidence booster for me to get back like that and get the legs working where they should be. Nutrition – 3 bottles, 2 gels. Feeling – good.

Day 5 – 69K, really nice ending ride. Some of the folks were leaving afterwards and as such, Richard did not want to tire them out too much. Feeling – good, strong. Did a small 3K run with Richard afterwards. Nuitrition – 3 bottles, 2 gels. Feeling – Strong.

Later Gators.