153 Days Until Ironman Lake Placid

It’s been a while, I suppose some would wonder if I was coming back. Kidding aside, I am well aware that anyone who has even read this BLOG is purely by accident.

Much has happened. First and foremost, I ran a Half Marathon in Ottawa on Sunday morning and posted a PB placing 3rd in my age category. 1 hr 30 min and 46 second. Damn I am happy..I have been working very hard on it.

Work is brutal right now, with stress levels going through the roof. This plays into me big time and I am finding it very draining. My energy is getting sapped and I am really trying hard to stay positive.

March Break Training Camp is approaching, it’s going to be great. A week of Florida and training. Plus, the added benefit of having the family there. A few side trips to Disney, beaches…a nice break.

Most of my training has been on my own recently. It’s been tough trying to line everything up with others. Really, impossible.

Oh well…here we go.


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