164 days until Ironman Lake Placid–week in review

So, I had quite a good discussion with Richard on Thursday night about the intervals. There are a lot of questions/reasons. The week was fairly normal, except for the fact I had an interval run on Wednesday night. 10mins Warmup follows by 8 x 1Km @ < 4:00 min.km with 2 minute rest in between. I managed 5, but grew tired after . This confused me as I had never done this before..I asked him why.

Why was I doing it?

1 – I have ran two 10K races at a 4:10 pace, this puts my actual fitness level very high. Running intervals at < 4:00 pace for 1 KM should be within my reach especially with a 2 minute rest in between each run. He said that that’s just a fact.

So why did I tire?

2 – Richard subscribes the Noakes theory, which basically says your brain is the “central governor” of your body, and will override your body and shut it down as a self defense mechanism. The thing is, our body can handle it and we need to train our brain to get used to the new level of ability. Basically, that’s what interval training does. It teaches the brain to calm down and accept the new levels of exertion. The issue is, you need to push yourself above your current if you want to get through the current mental barrier because your body is already beyond that.

After running the intervals, I had no pain and within an hour I was back to normal. To me this suggests my “perceived” physical limitation was exactly that…perceived. It was in my head.

Richard did say there could have been a couple of factors that could come into play. a) I am getting sick or recovering from an injury.  b) The body is capable of doing it, but it hasn’t done it a while and therefore needs to “remember” and get the muscles firing again to allow it to happen.

So, in my opinion – it’s a combo of perception on my part and the fact I hadn’t done it to that level. If you look at my heart rate, it drops immediately and does not stay elevated which suggest the fatigue was not at a critical level or a “true” issue limiting me. I was playing mind games with myself…

3 – Why am I doing it now?

Because my fitness level allows me to and Winterman is next week. If I race it…I am supposed to target a 1:30

On Thursday evening  I was parked beside Scott Takala, who is also coached by Richard and races ITU for Canada. It was very interesting to hear some of his stories and experiences.

Anyway, had a good swim yesterday in Brockville. Did 2K in about 50 minutes with some pick up drills included. I am swimming tomorrow, but will be doing some running afterwards.

So much fun! I love this stuff.


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