169 days until Ironman Lake Placid 2011

Today I had to run 24K @ 4:40 pace. The snow covered roads from a fresh snow the night before offered some resistance. As I ran. the snow turned to slush and found myself getting wetter with each passing car and each foot fall. Again? Why?

Your thoughts drift during these periods. You’re alone and it’s early morning. People stare at you in amusement as they drive by. You contemplate the finer points, the lower points and usually have a period of diving deep within your self. Today, my thoughts turned to my training.

Earlier this week, I shook off about a week and half where I was doubting just about everything. I felt stalled at my training and had some minor issues with my swim coach and program. During these times, I will often withdraw so I can realign myself and ensure I am thinking straight. It’s partly a defense mechanism from younger years and partly to ensure I do not engage in something that will be regrettable later. But like I said, I shook it off. But today, as always, there was the reflection.

I asked myself as I often do… “Why?” “Will my training be enough?”. So much of my attention has been on my training.

In a total epiphany, I suddenly got it. It’s not the training. The training is only one part of the entire journey. It’s a companion.

My journey, and our journey, is about bringing the training along with us and then when it is needed..rising above it. The training will build the confidence, the training will build the fitness…but only I can finish the day and finish the journey. So when I run in the slush and the snow. And when I run at (–) 30 degrees…it’s not for the training. It’s about me rising above the training. Its about me rising above where I was…and who I was. With each day and each km, I change and become someone different.

Each of us that embark on these journeys, spend a lot of time alone. If we are lucky, we occasionally can align an hour or two with a friend or training partner…but for the most part it’s a solitary road. But the solitude can really help clear a foggy head.

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