Inspiration – Spirit by Waterboys

This describes how I feel when training/competing

Man gets tired

Spirit don’t

Man surrenders

Spirit won’t

Man crawl’s

When spirit flies

Spirit lives

When Man dies

Man seems

Spirit is

Man dreams

The spirit lives

Man is tethered

Spirit free

What spirit is

man can be

170 days until Lake Placid

Crappy week, actually, overall a couple of crappy weeks. Went into a bit of a tailspin but managed to shake it off Mid week. Why? Who knows. I am sure I cannot be the only one.

New training schedule from my coach is being worked on right now. Can hardly wait to see it.

So, after 4 week so official training, how am I feeling ?

9 hours scheduled this week.

Running – went through my usual mid winter shin splints, but I seemed to have shaken them off. Tomorrow is a 25K run, so I’ll have a better feel for it then. Certainly, on the shorter distances my pace continues to average around 4:30/km with race pace being between 4:10 and 4:20. Tomorrow’s 25K is supposed to be at 4:40 – 4:45, so we’ll see what we can make of it. Running distance in winter is always a pain, because your drinks do end up freezing. Luckily, the temp is only supposed to go down to around – with some luck we will be okay.

Swimming – feeling good, noticing a big difference in my technique and strength this year. I am really trying to “pony” up no the techie portion to try and gain some speed. It’s about the only way outside of effort to go quicker, and I am nervous about trying to expend more energy. I need to save all I can. 3 times a week, 2KM min usually.

Cycling- hard to say, you’re on a trainer which although is a good not the real thing. I feel good, heart rate usually around 130-140 with cadence around 70-80. Feel good…but really want to be back on the road riding.

Strength – Oh god, give me strength….literally. I hate…hate…hate this. I never liked weights. There has to be a better way to gain core strength.

My focus is really strong right now, if I feel myself drifting, I simply remember my goal. That brings me back quickly.