January 3rd – 204 Days until Lake Placid

Well, yesterday I did manage to get my run and strength training in. The run on a scale of 1 – 10 was about a 7. It was a cold wind, but we made some good time for sure. The strength training sucked. I am not a person who likes to lift weights, or has ever been one…but I understand it is good for core strength.

It brings me back to my days when I trained in Karate and how the Sensei would always preach “Core Strength”.

It was also interesting to watch the girls workout ( in their own way ) beside me.

On tap for today? Just a nice gentle spin at some point. I will try and get about 90 minutes in, so I’ll probably take a movie and watch it.

Scales 1 – 10 ( 1 being unable to train, 10 being strong )

Physically – 8, slight twinge in my shins as there seems to be for every winter. getting a massage

Mentally – 8, feel okay. Nerves are bugging me a little bit. I move from excitement to nervousness on a regular basis

Fitness – 7, feeling pretty good, not at the top of my game but certainly within the realm. (My point of reference being Timberman 2010 as my peak.)

See you soon.


January 2nd 2011 – 205 days Until Lake Placid

Me at Timberman 2010 - 5 Hours 19 minutes

And so begins my march to Lake Placid and all the fun in between in the decision and the actual event.

My march is not alone, I have great support from my family, friends and of course my coach Richard Cadman of Tricoach.

The training is broken into the Prep, Base 1, Base 2, Base 3, Build 1, Build 2 and the Peak phases.

So right now, I am in the Prep phase, which means just kind of floating along keeping some of the fitness I gained last year and not letting it all slip away.

After Timberman, I was very happy and felt as strong as I ever have. I used this training to carry me through one Ultramarathon (50K) in Sept and one Regular Marathon in October. Yes…it was too much, and No I would not do it again. By the time I ran my regular marathon I had a very tough race. I finished in 3 hrs 32 minutes ( my personal best is 3 hrs 21 minutes)but it was a tough as I had experienced on the circuit. My body really started rebelling against me around the 32 km mark. These are periods when injury becomes a very real possibility and I could have hurt myself.

What did I learn? Periodization, Proper recovery is important and being realistic when goal setting.

So, after that, I allowed myself some time to recover and feel good. I did run a 10K in November and managed a PB with a time of 41 minutes 17 seconds. Nothing since then, and my next race is scheduled on January 16th which is also a 10K.

Current Plan, or what we have been doing

I swim 2-3 times a week in one hour sessions with our Masters Club in Perth. I run 2-3 times a week with minimum runs around 10K, and max around 16-16K. I spin twice ( hour sessions ) a week, usually on Thursdays before swim and Saturday mornings after a run with some local tri folks.

Moving into January, we need to start slowly bringing this up. Keeping in mind, it is still the prep phase..so nice gentle workouts in Lower Zones. The Spin does need to start increasing time on the bike.

I spent some time with my coach at a gym not long ago because he feels it is good for me to get into some form of strength training. I am not one to have spent a lot of time at a gym, but I will buy into this. Core strength, even while I was at Karate, was vital to many physical activities.

So, here we go, off this morning to kick it all off. I am planning a nice easy 15K run this morning with a friend. Living in Ontario, I am dealing with winter temperatures…but today it’s 4 degrees and the roads are dry!

Later this evening, I will be doing some strength training with some free weights I have downstairs. Not ideal, but I do not have access to a gym today.

Over and out