January 3rd – 204 Days until Lake Placid

Well, yesterday I did manage to get my run and strength training in. The run on a scale of 1 – 10 was about a 7. It was a cold wind, but we made some good time for sure. The strength training sucked. I am not a person who likes to lift weights, or has ever been one…but I understand it is good for core strength.

It brings me back to my days when I trained in Karate and how the Sensei would always preach “Core Strength”.

It was also interesting to watch the girls workout ( in their own way ) beside me.

On tap for today? Just a nice gentle spin at some point. I will try and get about 90 minutes in, so I’ll probably take a movie and watch it.

Scales 1 – 10 ( 1 being unable to train, 10 being strong )

Physically – 8, slight twinge in my shins as there seems to be for every winter. getting a massage

Mentally – 8, feel okay. Nerves are bugging me a little bit. I move from excitement to nervousness on a regular basis

Fitness – 7, feeling pretty good, not at the top of my game but certainly within the realm. (My point of reference being Timberman 2010 as my peak.)

See you soon.


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